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Rooms $15 per night from Jan. - May and Sept. - Dec,  $16 per night for June - August

RV/Tent Use $8 per night from Jan. - May and Sept. - Dec,  $9 per night for June - August

Day Use $8 per night from Jan. - May and Sept. - Dec,  $9 per night for June - August

The rates apply to every person associated with the rental period. This includes campers, staff, staff families, and

anyone else residing at the camp during, immediately prior to or immediately after the rental period.

A Reservation Deposit of $100 per day will be charged for each day the camp convenes.


$200 Kitchen/Chapel Commercial style kitchen with 200-person capacity

$50 Damascus Building, home style kitchen with 2 ovens

or, $2 per person, per day kitchen rental for smaller groups less than 100 people



End Of Camp Cleaning- $400.00

Chapel Audio/Video/Lighting System Rental

$.25 per person, per day



You will need to make arrangements for swimming. We have no swimming facilities on the campgrounds;

however, we do have a working agreement with WAITTS LAKE RESORT at the lake to use their swimming area

for a nominal fee. The campers will have to be transported to and from the lake. You must provide a supervisor for



Groups of less than 100 persons are subject to sharing the facilities with other groups.


PAINTBALL PRICING AND EQUIPMENT - (A 2 week notice to rent is appreciated)

Equipment Rental - (Does not include paint or staffing)

$25 per person. We charge for each gun that is rented out whether used or not.


Equipment to be picked up and returned to Turning Point Open Bible. (11911 N Division St, Spokane) Call Kyle at Turning Point (509-467-5122) to setup your Paintball session.


This includes a complete set of rental equipment gear below:


Paintball equipment per person includes:

  • 1 Gun complete with 1- CO2 air tank, barrel cover, hopper
  • 1 Facemask
  • 1 Vest
  • 1 Pair of gloves
  • 1 extra CO2 tank per 10 people in case of failure


Paintball equipment also includes:

  • Tables for putting equipment on
  • Gun rack(s) for storing guns during use
  • Pod Holder with pods for 40 pods = 4000 paintball or 2 cases




Paintballs - $45 per case

  • Case of 2000 paintballs. Each pod holds 100 paintballs. Paintballs are only sold by the case and must be purchased from the camp!


Staff Operated - (If needed)

  • $200 for 1-3 hours of operation with staff operating the paintball session. Staff will bring all equipment with them to the site and disperse accordingly.
  • $25 per hour for each additional hour beyond the initial 3 hour time frame








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Camp Director -  Don Gardner - 509-680-8095

Reservations - RaeAnn Hedstrom - 509-467-5122 at Turning Point

E-mail: info@waittslakecamp.com

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