Judea-Samaria Building

The Judea-Samaria building is perfect for many different types of small groups.

The Judea-Samaria building is a one story building. The Judea-Samaria building is set up to have one, or two, different types of small groups at the same time, if needed. It is a year round use building, and it can accommodate up to 24 individuals. Each room has 6 bunk beds with a locking door that separates the two of the rooms, or leave it open and have one large room. The building is heated, and each room has a sink in the room and a separate full bathroom.

Groups smaller than 24 individuals will typically stay in the Judea-Samaria building. The Judea-Samaria building has a maximum total occupancy of 24 individuals, and we typically request a minimum occupancy of 8 individuals.

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