Waitts Lake Camp - Main Lodge

At Waitts Lake Camp the Main Lodge is one of our most desired sites. This is a perfect for many different types of groups. Whether you are a Summer or Seasonal Camp Group, Various Retreats or Coventions Groups, Youth or Adult group, Bible Study Groups, Year-round Sports Group, Crafting-Quilting or Hobby Groups, Large Family Reunion, and much more… , Contact and Connect with Us, we would enjoy the opportunity to host your event.

The Main Lodge is a two story building and is set up to have multiple different types of groups at the same time, if needed. It is a year round use building, and it can accommodate up to 146 individuals. It has 22 “hotel-style rooms” that have anywhere from 2 single beds to 6 bunk-beds per room. Each room is heated, and has its own bathroom with a shower.

Groups larger than 48 persons will typically stay in the main lodge. The Main Lodge has a maximum total occupancy of 146 individuals, and we typically request a minimum occupancy of 48 individuals.

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